05 Sep. 18

Make it drain

We called Make It Drain because we had a drain in an outdoor stairwell that was not draining properly and was periodically causing flooding in our basement entranceway.

Another major company had already sent someone to look at it. After taking a cursory look and charging us to tell us that we had a potentially serious problem they left, promising to send us estimates on various courses of action.   Those estimates were never received.  Make It Drain, on the other hand, responded immediately, conducted a through investigation, accurately diagnosed the problem as a collapsed pipe and damage weeping tile system, undertook the limited excavation needed to sort the problem out, completed the work within a very short period of time, and then charged us less than the estimate we’d been given (which was already a reasonable cost) The crew were polite, professional, and considerate.  The foreman was very forthcoming in explaining what the problem was, how drainage systems work, and what kind of maintenance we need to be doing.  We are thoroughly happy with the expert, personal, and guaranteed service we have received and would definitely call this company again.

-Sandra and Rob Ruttan