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27 Mar. 23

When and How Often Should You Need Sump Pump Replacement

Imagine this picture: The sump pump of your home stops performing suddenly during a torrential downpour. 

This one is probably the last thing you may expect to happen even in your nightmare, Right? After all, a non-performing sump pump means the risks of flooded basements and extensive water damage remain there. 

However, you can prevent the sump pump from failing by replacing it from time to time. All you need is to look for these warning signs pointing to a YES to a sump pump replacement, so you can install a new one before it reaches its lifespan. See here when it’s time to replace:

#1: Loud noises coming out from the sump pump-

Generally, it’s normal when you see a sump pump making sounds while pushing the water up through the discharge pipe. In fact, higher-quality pumps also make slight noises during the process, and for older ones, it’s a little louder. Otherwise, there should be no noise coming out from your basement. 

Still, hearing clanging, rattling, or gurgling sounds is an indication that it’s time to Google “sump pump plumber near me” and replace the pump immediately.

#2: Old sump pump-

No wonder an older pump fails more than the new one. And in most cases, we have observed that homeowners try to save their dollars by delaying sump pump replacement. But if you don’t remember when the last time you got routine maintenance for the pump, don’t risk a failure, no matter how efficiently the sump pump performs. Since the wear and tear over the years reduce efficiency, it can fail anytime. So, replace the pump as soon as possible. 

#3: A Clogged sump pump-

No matter how often you maintain it, a sump pump can accumulate grit over the years as impeller fan blades get jammed. In fact, the discharge line and the pump inlet get clogged due to debris in the water, leading to rushing flood water into your basement. 

And if your pump gets clogged more often, you better replace it and install a new one. 

#4: The sump pump keeps running-

Does your sump pump remain turned on all the time, regardless of the climate? If yes, there’s something wrong with the pump! When the sump pump runs even without water (after emptying the basin), it can overheat easily and lead to premature failure. When the problem goes beyond repair, you better look for “sump pump replacement near me” this time.

Now, a question may pop into your mind, “How Often Should I Replace a Sump Pump?” 

Well, if you count on average, we recommend replacing a sump pump at least every 7 to 10 years. After all, repairing an old pump is a waste of dollars! Instead, replacing it will cost almost the same or a little more but with a return on investment. Anyway, the frequency of replacement depends on different factors, like

  • The volume of water you need to displace
  • How frequently do you use it?
  • The runtime

Bottom Line

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