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Basement Waterproofing

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Basement Waterproofing in Barrie

Are you searching for a basement waterproofing solution in Canada? At MAKE IT DRAIN, we have a team of basement waterproofing experts specializing in waterproofing any building or home basement. We ensure to protect every corner of your premises.

Basement areas of your home can be useful. But ignoring water leaks in the basements of your property is not a good idea! It can cause furnishing damage, structural issues, mildew, mould and even health problems.

Generally, the water leaks come from the cracks and crevices of your basement floors and walls. And the cracks are so small that you can’t identify them with your naked eyes, but our trained basement waterproofing experts can. So, have your faith in us and let our specialists do the job! We have 10 years of experience helping our clients to prevent water leakages. Also, we offer mould inspection and remediation services.

In Barrie, many homes face issues with water leaks in the basements during the spring when the snow melts and while raining outside. If you are in the same boat, your property needs immediate waterproofing. With MAKE IT DRAIN, you can get a wide range of basement waterproofing services at the most affordable rates. We use modern and cutting-edge methods while serving to ensure the best results:

  • Basement drainage
  • Footer drains
  • Wall shield installation
  • Moisture control and much more

Our professionals use their years of experience and skills to identify the source of water leaks and moisture in the basements of your property and provide waterproofing services.

Well, our basement waterproof remediation service doesn’t limit to the solutions mentioned above. Besides those, we provide two basic waterproofing services for basements. For example:

Structural waterproofing-

Sometimes, water leaks or dampness can form from below the ground of your property. Don’t worry! Our professional waterproofing specialists will take care of it. We use top-quality structural waterproofing systems and get you rid of leaks and dampness.

Basement waterproofing-

Our basement systems for waterproofing contain solutions for ceilings, walls and floors causing water leaks into the foundation of your property. Our expert waterproofing and foundation specialists inspect the area first to identify the water leak sources and provide the right solution required to prevent dampness and leaks.

So, whether you need basement water damage restoration or waterproof remediation, our experts are available at your service. We will start with a thorough inspection and full air quality testing of your premises and find out where the leaks, dampness or moisture comes from in your basement. Our experts will make sure you get the waterproofing service best suited to your requirements. MAKE IT DRAIN is the name you can count on!

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We are one of the top foundation waterproofing companies in Barrie. So, if you face any wet basement issues on rainy days or in springtime after the snow melts, just give us a call. We are available 24/7 for any waterproofing remediation or water damage restoration emergencies. You can rest assured of our lifetime guarantee with our waterproofing services. Our licensed and insured team of waterproofing specialists inspect the site and offer free advice.

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