Basement Waterproofing in Barrie

21 May. 22

Things You Need To Know About Basement Waterproofing in Barrie

The basement is the lowest area of your home which is more prone to leaks and flooding. Many of us turn our basements into extra rooms or storage places and store valuable items, goods, and materials. The fact of the matter is water leakage and flooding can significantly damage our valuable items. Therefore, we all must try to keep our basements dry, but the unique design and shape of our basements make them more susceptible to leakage, water damage, and wetness. Luckily for homeowners, over 90% of water damage can be prevented by keeping some simple things in mind.

Protecting your basement against water leaks and water damages can help you avoid many serious issues down the line. If you are someone who lives in Barrie, read this blog till the end to know some very important things about basement waterproofing in Barrie and the different options available to you to keep your basement dry.

Reasons Behind Basement Water Leakage:

In order to keep the basement of your house dry, you need to understand what causes moisture and water leakage to occur in basements in the first place. The following reasons will highlight some of the primary causes behind water leakage and moisture.

Basement Waterproofing
  • Cracks in the foundation of your house from where water can seep in through the basement floors and walls.
  • Doors, windows, and egress windows of your basement that are damaged can be other paths for water seepage.
  • The inadequate or poorly designed drainage system of your basement can be another cause of moisture or water leakage.
  • If the rainwater of your house is not properly directed from your house due to poor installation of clogged gutters and improper drainage, the clogged water can damage the foundation of your basement. 

Things You Should Remember Before Basement Waterproofing:

#1 Identify Leak Sources:

Before hiring the services for basement waterproofing in Barrie you need to identify the source of water leakage in your basement. The process can be challenging. However, common indicators like cracked walls and mildew can help you locate the source from where the water is coming to your basement.

#2 Explore Options Available To You:

Basement Waterproofing step by Step Guide

Once you have identified the leak in your basement, there are various options available to fix it. You may like to apply special basement waterproofing chemicals to the cracks or leaks. However, this will only solve the problem temporarily. In case you are searching for a long-lasting solution, you must take help from professionals to fix the cracks. 

#3 Know The Cost Of Waterproofing:

Before hiring a professional basement waterproofing company you should compare different prices offered by different waterproofing companies. Factors like your basement’s square footage, amount of damage, and cause of leak determine the cost of waterproofing. It is a critical investment for your house and you should decide wisely before hiring the right waterproofing company.

#4 Preventive Measures:

There are methods that can help you keep your basement dry and prevent leaks and irreparable water damage. If you so wish, you can ask professionals to equip your basement with gutter extensions which is an ideal way to get rid of a vast amount of clogged water.

Take The Right Steps For Basement Waterproofing:

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